Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tasty Thursday

Our favourite hunt and gatherer Kelly sourced some delicious fresh goodies for us this morning.

Besides the usual 'Ponderosa' strawberries from Caboolture, she also brought back bunches of spring onions, dutch carrots, beetroot, fresh baby and adult english spinach.

We also received our order in this morning of free range eggs and the smaller 250ml bottles of Summer Rain and Poppyseed dressing. They are a great price too at $11.90.

A new supplier joined us this week from Toowoomba to make our jams and chutneys. Within one day we had already sold out of Mint Jelly.

Still going strong are our home made soups, freshly made salads and beautiful bunches of flowers delivered 2-3 times a week.

Stock up for the weekend and come say hi!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Windy Wednesday

What a windy day. Kym nearly cried earlier as one of her favourite mirrors took a tumble out the front of the shop in a gust of wind. Luckily (for me!), it didn't and her tears were saved.

Everyone is loving our delicious strawberries at the moment, 2pm and we only have about 8 punnets left! Luckily we have placed an order for more of them tomorrow. Also, Roza's pesto's are a big hit! We just got a new order in today including pesto, sundried tomato and olive pesto, pesto dressing, aioli and coconut chilli mayonaise.

We do feel sorry though for Kelly and Nanna Barb who are in the city today with their farmers market, stay warm ladies!

Back to work, much to do.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

love this warmer weather

Thank goodness that cool spell has finished for a while. Our beautiful shop is quite cool in winter especially before the western sun sneaks in about 2pm then we start to peel our layers of clothing off.

Even with the cool weather , our Kenilworth Yoghurt is selling really well. We add mango, passionfruit, apple and cinnamon, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry for a great variety.

Rosa Gourmet Sauces and Pestos has really taken off with us sending orders each week. Kym and Sarah have great recipe ideas for using these sauces and pestos and turning them into quick and easy meals.

Flower Man is calling 3 times a week.Fresh Flowers are a delight in the house.(and the shop) We have double sunflowers called teddy bear sunnies, fragrant jonquils , daisys and lillies.

Kymberlee and Sarah have more ideas for the shop , look out for the renovations in the coming weeks.

Take care Kelly

Monday, July 12, 2010

Quest Newspapers Business Achievers Awards 2010

Kym and I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and support at us reaching the finals for the Quest Business Achievers Award. We are in the final four in the category of new business. Results will be known Friday 30th July. We're just happy to be nominated!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

busy weeeeeek

Where does the time go? Already Thursday night and another week has flown at Apples.

Strawberries are still a treat as well as Blue Lagoon Avocadoes from Bundaberg. Fennel would have to be the best it has been all year as well as corn and caulis.

Topless pines are acid free and delicious. We have them topped with some passionfruit and delicious Kenilworth yoghurt.

Markets this weekend so just received another load of Tassie Spuds, pink eye and king edward and pink fir apple are three of 11 varieties of potatoes to be bagged. Maybe that is where the week has gone, bagging potatoes!

We have an olive oil producer sending bulk oil to us in the next fortnight , as well as bottled oil, and an antipasto man with the best variety , olives, toms, eggplant, marinated feta etc and some tasty crackers. Methinks some hooks from the ceiling will come in handy as there isnt much room on the shelves for all the new items the girls are ordering.

Having trouble keeping warm, call in and help bag potatoes or buy some of Sarah's Thai Pumpkin Soup. Delicious!!

Take care, talk soon Kelly

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

two old hands

Ric and I manned (jointly contributed to) the shop on Saturday giving the girls a 3 day weekend.

Ric is of the old school, "stack them high and kiss them goodbye", referring to his displays. I, on the other hand, do like full displays, but prefer to give ideas ie tasty soup packs, mini vegie roast packs, snack packs (small carrots, celery stick, baby tomatoes and snow white mushrooms ) placed next to the dips.

We had a great day, meeting the customers who in turn were interested in meeting Mum and Dad, and had the pleasure of compliements about Ric's displays especially those out on the footpath of the shop. We will never hear the end of this from Ric.

Strawberries are still receiving the most compliements(straight from the farm) and the snow white cauliflowers, for soups and gratins are next in line.

Another batch of Tassie Potatoes will be arriving Tuesday as well as Aussie Garlic from the Blue Mountains and ginger from (one of our favourite places) Eumundi.

Mini vegies have arrived early, so call in and learn how to make a roast vegie salad in under 15 minutes.

talk again soon Kelly