Sunday, July 4, 2010

two old hands

Ric and I manned (jointly contributed to) the shop on Saturday giving the girls a 3 day weekend.

Ric is of the old school, "stack them high and kiss them goodbye", referring to his displays. I, on the other hand, do like full displays, but prefer to give ideas ie tasty soup packs, mini vegie roast packs, snack packs (small carrots, celery stick, baby tomatoes and snow white mushrooms ) placed next to the dips.

We had a great day, meeting the customers who in turn were interested in meeting Mum and Dad, and had the pleasure of compliements about Ric's displays especially those out on the footpath of the shop. We will never hear the end of this from Ric.

Strawberries are still receiving the most compliements(straight from the farm) and the snow white cauliflowers, for soups and gratins are next in line.

Another batch of Tassie Potatoes will be arriving Tuesday as well as Aussie Garlic from the Blue Mountains and ginger from (one of our favourite places) Eumundi.

Mini vegies have arrived early, so call in and learn how to make a roast vegie salad in under 15 minutes.

talk again soon Kelly

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