Tuesday, July 13, 2010

love this warmer weather

Thank goodness that cool spell has finished for a while. Our beautiful shop is quite cool in winter especially before the western sun sneaks in about 2pm then we start to peel our layers of clothing off.

Even with the cool weather , our Kenilworth Yoghurt is selling really well. We add mango, passionfruit, apple and cinnamon, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry for a great variety.

Rosa Gourmet Sauces and Pestos has really taken off with us sending orders each week. Kym and Sarah have great recipe ideas for using these sauces and pestos and turning them into quick and easy meals.

Flower Man is calling 3 times a week.Fresh Flowers are a delight in the house.(and the shop) We have double sunflowers called teddy bear sunnies, fragrant jonquils , daisys and lillies.

Kymberlee and Sarah have more ideas for the shop , look out for the renovations in the coming weeks.

Take care Kelly

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