Thursday, July 8, 2010

busy weeeeeek

Where does the time go? Already Thursday night and another week has flown at Apples.

Strawberries are still a treat as well as Blue Lagoon Avocadoes from Bundaberg. Fennel would have to be the best it has been all year as well as corn and caulis.

Topless pines are acid free and delicious. We have them topped with some passionfruit and delicious Kenilworth yoghurt.

Markets this weekend so just received another load of Tassie Spuds, pink eye and king edward and pink fir apple are three of 11 varieties of potatoes to be bagged. Maybe that is where the week has gone, bagging potatoes!

We have an olive oil producer sending bulk oil to us in the next fortnight , as well as bottled oil, and an antipasto man with the best variety , olives, toms, eggplant, marinated feta etc and some tasty crackers. Methinks some hooks from the ceiling will come in handy as there isnt much room on the shelves for all the new items the girls are ordering.

Having trouble keeping warm, call in and help bag potatoes or buy some of Sarah's Thai Pumpkin Soup. Delicious!!

Take care, talk soon Kelly

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