Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have we moved from Salisbury to Stanthorpe??

Salisbury is, goodness me, freezing. I thought we had moved to Stanthorpe until I saw their temperature on the weather forecast. Salisbury is just fine.
We spent an Easter break in Stanthorpe a few years ago. I think of Stanthorpe as apple and stone fruit blossoms and cute B&Bs, green meadows and wonderful views.
Well our cute cottage turned out to be a besser brick hut, the only redeeming feature was a fire place with real wood!! Much to the owners amazement we used the fireplace, because even in April the air is chilly in Stanthorpe.
Did you know that Granite Belt meant hugh boulders everywhere and I mean everywhere? I have never really thought about the name Granite Belt until we came across those hugh rocks and a light came on in my head!
Lovely orchards everywhere, terriific main street with lovingly kept older style building. Not being much of wine drinkers we travelled on the Tenterfield but at the back of my mind, granite - boulders! Hmmm...
Suttons from Stanthorpe are apple farmers and I met them at the Powerhouse NewFarm Markets several years ago. They now have a farm shop and cafe on their farm (see Granite Belt nude food trail) open 7days a week and very soon we will be selling their apple juice. Great tasting, crisp and clean.
When I was at the markets in the city yesterday (where I was wet and freezing till 11am), Farmer David from Woodford dropped off the crunchiest Leb Cucumbers and choicest roma tomatoes you have ever tasted. His produce is organic and so fresh you will think it is still growing. Leb cues are a great snack to munch on any time and more water then calories!
Best selling potatoes at the markets yesterday would have to have been Dutch Cream, washed Nicola and Royal Blue. All those that have tasted these Tassie Potatoes have said that they spoil their taste for ordinary potatoes. These Tassie potatoes are yellow flesh and have the creamest flavour and texture of any potato.
We have in stock now 10 varieties of potatoes and a suitable potato for every cooking method.
Aussie Garlic is VERY hard to come by at the moment. The aussie season starts in September and runs out by April/May. A farmer in the Blue Markets has dug part of his garlic crop early and is selling it as Green Garlic.
It has the appearance of Spring Onions but with the strong garlic flavour. It wont dry out so must be kept in the fridge. The garlic bulb comes with the green leaves attached which you can use in stock, soups or underneath the roast in the oven to impart a lovely garlic flavour through the meat. We have some of this in stock and have cooked with it ourselves.Delicious. Dry Mexican garlic is available which is still alot better then that bleached Chinese garlic.
We have had organic Aussie Garlic from Belingen Valley northern NSW until someone stole about $100,000 worth of garlic from their farm shed (there is a black market for Aussie Garlic?) so no more garlic till next season.
Coming early next week will be a supply of smaller vegetables (potatoes , onions, pumpkins, beetrool, carrot, parsnip, zucchini, squash and turnips). They look great roasted together and served as a hot salad with balsamic vinegar. Recipe when the veggies arrive.

Till next time (that could be sooner than later as I am off to Beaudesert to pick up some fresh green peas and other produce along the way.)

Don't forget strawberries are delicious and fresh to us each morning.


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